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Manufacturing process


Raflon production steps

Manufacturing process: Лид-форма
1. Polymer base-PTFE

Products in the form of rods are used as blanks

2. Preparation of workpieces

Workpieces of PTFE are placed in a Thermoradiation chamber (TRC)

TRC is a special chamber that allows you to create the necessary gas and temperature environment.

3. Mode control

With the help of the control system in the TRC, the PTFE billets are heated to the required temperatures for the ionizing radiation irradiation process.

4. Irradiation

TRC is sent to the irradiation zone for an installation with an ionizing radiation source, where the irradiation process is performed.

5. Cooling of processed workpieces

After irradiation the process of cooling the PTFE to room temperature occurs in the TRC.

6. Conducting technical control

At the technical control stand the quality of workpieces is checked according to the developed method.

7. Generated material


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